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It’s Time Kids: Fatten our Brains not our bodies School Tour

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Childhood obesity is taking the nation by storm. With links to poverty and a lack of resources, children are being targeted daily. The government estimates that 14 million are overweight. These indicators lead to poor academic performance and contribute to high drop out rates, 38% of high school seniors nation wide. In collaboration with The First Lady Michelle Obama’s Lets Move Project, this tour will raise awareness of this issue by motivating students to accelerate their performance by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good grades. The project will consist of a nation wide tour estimating 100 cities and 350,000 adolescence, teens, and young adults. The combination of education and entertainment is the driving force that will motivate students to lead active lifestyles.

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Project Goals:
-To conduct a nation wide tour reaching 350,000 adolescence, teens, and young adults to promote the mission annually.– Receive support from corporate, private, small business owners, government, and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)

– Travel to 100 cities in 100 days throughout the remainder of 2010.

– Give each participating supporter major exposure and promotional opportunities

– Give each school annual follow up workshops, rewards, and  community leadership opportunities

– Provide data and tracking for the results from the piloting schools and be utilized as the cornerstone for expanding into multiple regions

–  Spread a positive message to inspire the youth to be future leaders and have a positive impact on society

Tequila El Fogonero

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009


100% Agave

Don Antonio Yera was inspired by the Goddess Mayahuel, who watches with great patience over the agave plants until their maturity, to make a tequila of even better quality than where he was employed over his life. He was a “stoker” at the tequila distillery in his region. Don Antonia stoked and watched over the boilers of the best known tequila producer in the country.


Once the “fruit of the cactus” has been baked, the sugar and juices are separated from the fibrous material. This extraction is commonly accomplished with a combination of shredders and crushers. To extract the juices from the cooked agave, water is applied with pressure and then transferred and squeezed through bands where the juices are separated from the waste to continue with the industrial process. The juices are captured in deposits and transported through pipes to the fermentation container.

“A Goddess Inspired Tradition of Flavor”™

By Don Antonio Yera


INTRODUCING “THE STOKER” EL FOGONERO FAMILY OF FINE TEQUILAS, Expertly Created Exquisite Flavor best Tradition of Mexico.

™ EPOCA DE ORO “Tequila Anejo”


™ EPOCA DORADA “Tequila Reposada”


™S.I.K .Management Inc.

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